Wise Home Building was born with the dream of transforming the way new homes are being built. Our focus is to be creative in our plans to provide a unique day by day joy of living in a place that can be fancy and practical at the same time.

First talking about efficiency in the process of building. We have to remember that during the last 30 years the average time to construct a new home in the USA continues to be the same: around 9-10 months. The internet was born during this period, and revolutionize the way people talk, connect and live. Social media also came to transform the way we find friends, share our life experiences, and also start families (like me and my wife, that meet each other in the internet space in 1998 and since then we share the same home). How is it possible that only the construction process never improve? We decided to move forward and act: let’s think about how can we find solutions to faster build our house, but not damaging the precision of the work.

Our search started 3 years ago when we were thinking about our home building process. The waste of time and wood was outrageous, and every single time we look at our dumpster we realized the need for a change. After a long research and contacting some vendors in the East Cost, we built strategic partnerships with companies that can help us to provide you a unique customer service. Our building process is at least 30% faster than any other house construction project.

Another foundation pillar of our strategy is to provide the integration of the new buyers in the neighborhood. A house without anyone living there is nothing more than a butch of wood, cement, tubes and wires. Also we think that it is really important to give back something meaningful for local communities.

That’s our story (long story short, of course), and I hope you come back to our website to continue with us this fascinating journey. Our blog with help you to be more educated in the whole construction project, and will show articles that will discuss innovative construction methods. If you would like to learn more how we can provide you and amazing experience in home building contact us.