Use standard dimensions to save money

Home design is a complex process that sometimes lead you to hundreds (or thousands) of decisions. But if you are a more practical person and would like to save some money preferred the standard dimensions while planing your house building.

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Ceiling Height

Normally in the US the standard ceiling height is about 8 feet. You also have standard materials to build a 10 feet ceiling but other that that you can have trouble finding some materials for framing. For the basement are a 8 feet height is pretty comfortable, but in some old houses you will see a lower height.

Doors and windows

Doors have a standard height of 80 inches and also have various standard widths. Windows are the big issue here, because you have a lot of variations depending on the brand you will chose. Take care during the windows selection, this one is an important item that have implications also in the comfort of your house during extreme weathers.

Interior doors usually will be hinged swing doors. These doors are limited to a maximum of 36 inches. Remember that if a person with disability will be living there the minimum width is 32 inches. With swing doors the effective opening normal is about 2 inches narrower than the door itself. Door to walk in closets have to respect a distance of 24 to 28 inches.


The minimum corridor width is 36 inches, but a more convenient width is 44 to 48 inches.


Kitchen counters normally have a standard height of 36 inches. Cabinets, ranges, ovens and dishwashers are standardize to this height. The width increments normally offered are 3 and 6 inches. If you are thinking about a unique kitchen cabinet with different measures be prepare to spend more money.

Understanding this process is really important if you want to save money while designing your new house. This decision, among many others, can help you to be align with a budget, and you have to think about that during the preparation phase. You can use this concept in other places of the house. Size the rooms, for example, to be align with the furniture. Identifying the appliances and furniture that you want to fulfill the kitchen and all other rooms will save a lot of money.


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