How your house works?

Today we are just in the flow of the 4th of July holiday week, so we decided to be soft on the technical aspects of our blog. The tip of the day is about a great reading if you are curious about HOW YOUR HOUSE WORKS.

This is the title of a book that will help you understand the anatomy of your house systems (plumbing, electrical, foundation, etc). It is also a great book in terms of illustrations. The author is Charlie King, a home building expert that also specialized in writing great books with great visual art.

The book has 10 chapter, from Plumbing and Wiring to Windows and Framing and Foundation topics. In the day we are writing this post, At you can find it for $13.00 (Kindle Edition) – not a big price in terms of the content that is really good and easy to understand.

Of course it will not be a substitute of a professional help if something big is happening in your dishwasher, but at least you will not be completely lost when the repair team says that you are having a problem in the flapper of your toilet.

Enjoy the reading, and have a nice weekend.


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