Keeping your grass green and healthy

We all love to see our garden clean and healthy. In New England we have tough conditions for all plants and grass gardens, but even in these conditions we can make our grass happy by applying for some simple concepts.

Grass picture wise home building

Spring is over (officially, at least), and now the summer is coming and is time to water your grass frequently. Ideally the best option is an irrigation system, that can be installed for mild to moderate prices, depending on the size of your garden. But before installing your systems remember to measure the pressure. The average water pressure for most homes and businesses is between 30 psi and 50 psi, and most sprinkler systems are designed to use pressures of around 30 psi. The better the pressure the easier it will be to align your budget, because you will probably need a lower number of sprinklers.

Watering is one of the most important things for your grass, but also remember that some pests love it and if you have a lot of moisture you can specifically be susceptible to have lawn grubs there.

Grubs are a big problem in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest, where irrigated turf provides a grub oasis in the otherwise desert country. Grubs make their presence known by creating patches of dying lawn as they devour grass roots. Sometimes you’ll also notice places where the lawn has been burrowed as hungry skunks or armadillos dig for grubs. Treatments for grubs include milky spore, granular pest control products and nematodes.can kill it if you don’t pay attention.

Fertilizers and aeration are also important, and you have to look for a professional recommendation – or at least study a lot in the internet – to adapt your grass needs for the specific fertilizers you have available. If you put too much or too little you will spend money and will not see any clear benefit.

One think that is specifically important is to mow it adequately. Use the 1/3 rule – removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade will stress out your lawn. If you cut or take out too much of the grass blade, your lawn will have a difficult time thriving and will instead look burnt out. Your lawn’s appearance is enhanced by sharp mower blades. Cleaner cuts of grass are provided by sharp blades. Grass will be able to recover from mowing faster when it is cut by sharp blades.



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