5 ways to lower your electrical bill


To save money is a huge task in the modern years. In our house we have a lot of stuff that can drain our savings. Here you have some tips that can help you save money:

1.Check your HVAC air filters regularly: Dirty air filters clog free flowing air, and make your AC work harder. We recommend to check them (and clean it up, of course) every other month at least. When you have to purchase a new filter, it should have a recommended time when it’ll need to be replaced. Some need to be changed monthly, while others can last up to six months.

2. Buy energy star appliances: Keeping your old freezer in the garage from your mother is guzzling down money compared to top quality and energy efficient appliances nowadays. Every appliance today has a Energy Star feature, so next time you will buy another one check this information.

3. Change your bulbs: Switching to energy efficient light bulbs are a great start point to saving on your energy bill. Not only will that reduce the amount of watts used, but they last a lot longer too. LED bulbs are ideal for that, and some of them also can be bought in colors (save money and have fun also)

4. Run dishwasher full loads: Always run your dishwasher full loads. Full loads use the same amount of energy and hot water as smaller loads. If you just have 2 or 3 pieces to wash, remember that your faucet in the island is not a decorative piece in the kitchen.

5. Plant shady landscape: Shady landscape will protect your home from scorching heat which will reduce your air-conditioning costs in summers and block high winds that will reduce you heating costs during winters. Looks like a small thing, but can make a huge difference in your bills year after year


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