How to get rid of pests in your house

Many of us live in the midst of the natural habitat of various animals. And there’s no point in complaining: birds and deer – for example – will continue to show up in your garden and often joining your blueberry trees.

Some visitors, however, are more intrusive and can cause a lot of trouble. We recently had a blackout in our HVAC system and when we looked at what had happened on the machine we saw that there was a rodent nest on top of the thermistor – small piece of metal inside heat pumps that are responsible for the temperature measurement.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of pests that can ruin your life:

Poison Baits and Traps

Bait station: Holds either a snap trap or poison bait blocks to kill rats and mice. Must be placed outside, safely away from children and pets.

Tomcat Bait Station Wise Home Building 1
An example of a bait station

Electric trap: Jolts the unfortunate rat who ventures inside with a lethal dose of electricity. A little bit strange, I think

Live trap (for mice): A trapdoor swings shut when the mouse enters and tilts the box.

Snap trap (for rats): See below an example – but take care of your hands.

SnapTrack for Rats Wise Home Building 1
Snap trap available at



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