Water: get out of here

Did you notice a strong musty odor in your basement after a rain shower? If you have a septic system, probably he will be responsible for your craziness. But remember that you can have a problem from moisture build-up inside the basement too.

Proper drainage around the outside of your home is critical for the long term when you are building your house. We have a lot of options to work in a proper drainage for your foundation, when building a new home: the traditional French system is normally used, normally with a perforated 4″ PVC. More recently EZ drain is becoming one example of new products to facilitate your job (click here to check it).

EZ drain photo
EZ drain system in a trench to help water drain out of the foundation

Always remember that a clogged French drain can be a very tough situation.  So if you have French drains it is very important to have a filter to catch debris before it clogs the underground drain.

On the other hand, remember that the water always will fall from your roof, even if you live in very dry counties. Rain gutters are also an important part of the drainage system around your house. If your gutters are leaking and in poor repair, or if the downspout empties right beside your house, you could experience a huge problem in the future.

Gutters need to be installed properly so they will catch the water coming off of your roof and channel it at least 3-4 feet away from your home. To ensure your gutters are working as they should, you may need to just wait for the next rain storm, go outside and take a look.  If the rain is overshooting the gutter as it leaves the roof, then your gutters are not doing their job.   Gutters should have a downward slope towards the downspout to ensure they drain completely.

At ground level, the water from your downspout should be directed at least 4 feet away from your house. It’s best to have the water flowing through a tipout on the ground, or onto a splashguard designed to drain the water away from your home.

The goal of your home’s exterior drainage system is to simply move water away from your home – mainly from the foundation.  During the next rain storm pay attention to all the parts in this system.  If you discover any problems, getting them fixed immediately is critical. And if you are buying a new home don’t save money on gutters, and always ask your builder how was the system used near the foundation to work on the water drainage out of the foundation.


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