Interactive intelligent house

Imagine something like that: your house warms before you rise, your favorite song fades in early in the morning, and the shades go up to let in the morning light. No, it is not a movie, nor the new TV series remembering that billionaires are there to show how difficult it is to belong to their world.

smarthome Aria Systems
Illustration from Arya Systems webpage (

Of course all of these new technologies are not cheap, but innovation and technology are here to stay. New home owners can dream about and depending on the systems they would like to use the prices can be attractive. If you want all the luxury behind the idea, you have to pay the price though.
Intelligent homes can do a lot of thinks:
1. You can turn off the lights of the house using your Apple Watch of Samsung G3
2. From your mobile you can start to heat your tub before arriving home
3. Wake up in the morning listening your favorite song, while your windows automatically open
4. Exterior lights automatically fading in an out in specific times of the day/night
5. Music systems being installed in your wireless network and your phone or watch selecting the music you want to listen while cooking
6. One-touch commands (with words that you can select) can prepare you home for a dinner with friends, for example (music themes, special lights turning on in your driveway, among other little surprises)
7. Good morning and good night functions can do whatever you want to save money (decrease and increase the air conditioning use, for example)

Savant is one of the companies that specializes in light home experiences, and you can check more clicking here. Products like Wink Hub 2 are designed to provide a hub for the integration of all features (lights, sounds, security cameras and sounds), and have affordable prices.

A new whole world. But in our opinion are here to stay.

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