Next project: Ranch Style in Clinton MA

WHB1801 Clinton MA front
Front View of the project (some details can be different in the final project, depending on the buyers modification)

We are finalizing our next project and it will be in Clinton MA. Ranch style home, single family, 4 beds / 2.5 baths, and a wonderful plan – very practical, with a lot of charm. The house will be built in one of the newest development areas of Clinton, and will beach the Meadows Pond (the owner will have access for the pond for swimming, boating and fishing).

If you are interested on having more information about this house contact us now

5 thoughts on “Next project: Ranch Style in Clinton MA

    1. We’ll be posting in the future the interior options. We are finalizing the options for the interior designs to better fit customers needs. Thanks for the comments and come back again to check more information about construction. Our posts will talk about design and innovation in home building


  1. Beautiful! Love the colors and the style. Modern yet traditional. Perfect house to raise kids in with that spacious yard.


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