Dawn to dusk foundation?

Imagine your foundation ready and installed in just 1 day. With some pre-cast products it is a doable fast process, but of course you will have to take more money out of pocket. One of the companies that works in this segment is Superior Wall, a Wise Home Building partner.

We all know that a good foundation is the secret for a house stability, and you can experience a lot of problems if you don’t pay special attention to your new house looking below the level grade first.

Image result for superior wall photos

Superior Walls foundations are dry, using a special low water/cement ratio concrete that requires no additional damp proofing (US Markets; see ESR-1662). They are warm, with full-length insulation built in to increase energy efficiency, and provides high strength 5000+ psi concrete that is reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers for added strength and performance.

The product feature patented, insulated, precast concrete wall panels that are formed in a factory-controlled setting and delivered to the new home job site, where the panels are lifted into position with a crane and carefully bolted together and sealed. The walls are custom-designed and built to virtually any architectural style, complete with window and door openings. The system uses a footing of crushed stone, along with a steel reinforced footer beam. The purpose of any wall footing is to distribute the wall’s load over a sufficiently large area of soil so that the soil bearing capacity is not exceeded.

And the best news is that for an average 2,200 sf house the foundation can be installed in just 1 day (6 to 8 hours). That’s really impressive, and save a lot of time in the completion of the building process, also adding the security of a solid foundation that is energy efficient.

You can see more photos and document clicking here. They also have a video showing the process – access the video clicking the link HERE


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