Dawn to dusk foundation?

Imagine your foundation ready and installed in just 1 day. With some pre-cast products it is a doable fast process, but of course you will have to take more money out of pocket. One of the companies that works in this segment is Superior Wall, a Wise Home Building partner.

We all know that a good foundation is the secret for a house stability, and you can experience a lot of problems if you don’t pay special attention to your new house looking below the level grade first.

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Superior Walls foundations are dry, using a special low water/cement ratio concrete that requires no additional damp proofing (US Markets; see ESR-1662). They are warm, with full-length insulation built in to increase energy efficiency, and provides high strength 5000+ psi concrete that is reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers for added strength and performance.

The product feature patented, insulated, precast concrete wall panels that are formed in a factory-controlled setting and delivered to the new home job site, where the panels are lifted into position with a crane and carefully bolted together and sealed. The walls are custom-designed and built to virtually any architectural style, complete with window and door openings. The system uses a footing of crushed stone, along with a steel reinforced footer beam. The purpose of any wall footing is to distribute the wall’s load over a sufficiently large area of soil so that the soil bearing capacity is not exceeded.

And the best news is that for an average 2,200 sf house the foundation can be installed in just 1 day (6 to 8 hours). That’s really impressive, and save a lot of time in the completion of the building process, also adding the security of a solid foundation that is energy efficient.

You can see more photos and document clicking here. They also have a video showing the process – access the video clicking the link HERE


Wood and water?

We always heard about problems when wood and water are in contact, correct? If you once had to fix your floor or work in a renovation site you know what I meant. But innovation is there to prove we may be wrong.

Capture Accoya Wood Bath

Accoya project in a bathroom in Sao Paulo, Brazil – Source of the picture – click here

Extensive laboratory and field testing by leading institutes around the world (including in New Zealand, USA, UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Japan) has shown that Accoya wood performance of acetylated wood is extremely reliable.

But wait: what is the meaning of acetylated wood? The process alters the cell structure of wood, improving its technical properties and making it much stronger and more durable.

Unmodified wood contains ‘free hydroxyl groups’ that absorb and release water as weather conditions change. This makes standard wood susceptible to expansion and contraction, particularly when used outdoors for applications such as cladding, window and door frames. The expansion and contraction of wood often leads to splitting and rotting, impacting on the service life of wood.

Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon chemicals (called acetyl groups) are created within wood after the acetylation process, changing the structure of existing free hydroxyl groups (hydrogen and oxygen). Each of these chemicals is present naturally in all woods, with acetyl created independently from acetic acid, i.e. vinegar. The process is ‘green’ meaning that the acetylation process takes effect using nothing that doesn’t occur in wood naturally.

Accoya® treated wood has been thoroughly tested for dimensional stability, durability, paint retention and in-ground conditions to ensure optimal performance. Indeed, it is so reliable that for many years it has been – and continues to be – used by scientists as the benchmark against which other treatments and modified timbers are measured.

Accoya®’s producers ensure that every batch is of consistent quality and reaches the highest performance standards. With such strong scientific credentials, Accoya® is guaranteed for 50 years when used above ground, and 25 year when used for below-ground applications.

Time will tell if the more expensive price will justify the long term benefits of this process.

Explore more of the beauty of Accoya® wood projects all over the world in their website: https://www.accoya.com/

Precision is vital

Enjoy! A new way to build is coming.

Imagine your dream coming true, but faster than you never imagine. Also, imagine your new home being built with outstanding precision, with the help of robotic machines.

It is not a dream anymore. With new concepts and great partnerships Wise Home Building is here to revolutionize the building of your next home.

But… how is it possible?

Stay tune!


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